Age: About 3 Months

Motor Skills
*Begins to lift head when held on your shoulder.
*Lifts head and chest when lying on stomach.
*Begins to turn head from side to side when placed on stomach.
*Begins to smile.
*Follows a moving person or object with his eyes.
*Discovers hands and feet.
*Grasps a rattle when placed in his hand.

Cognitive Skills
*Turns head towards bright colors and lights.
*Recognizes human voice sounds.
*Recognizes the bottle or breast

Social Skills And Language
*Begins to make cooing or gurgling sounds.
*Can often be quieted down by the sound of a soothing voice or when held.
*Able to communicate hunger, fears, or discomfort through crying and facial expressions.

Age: About 6 Months

Motor Skills
*Holds head steady when helped to a sitting position.
*Reaches for and grasps objects. Moves toys from one hand to the other.
*Discovers and plays with his toes.
*Rolls over.
*Begins to explore by placing objects in mouth and banging.
*Can pull herself to a sitting position if you grasp her hands.
*May sit in a high chair with a little support.

Cognitive Skills
*Opens her mouth when she sees the spoon at feeding time.
*Responds when spoken to.
*Listens intently and smiles often.
*Begins to imitate familiar actions that you perform.

Social Skills and Language
*Babbles, begins to make singsong sounds.
*Recognizes familiar faces.
*Shows his delight by laughing and squealing.
*Yells or screams if he becomes annoyed.
*Smiles at self in the mirror.

Age: About 12 Months

Motor Skills
*Gets Into A Sitting Position Without Assistance.
*Sits Well Without Support.
*Pulls Self Up To Stand And Walks Holding Onto Furniture.
*Crawls Forward On Belly.
*Drinks From A Cup With Help.
*Feeds Self Finger Foods Like Crackers Or Cereal.
*Places Objects Into And Takes Them Out Of A Container.
*Uses Pincer Grasp (Thumb And Index Or Forefinger).

Cognitive Skills
*Searches For An Object That He Sees Fall Out Of Sight.
*Responds To Simple Verbal Requests Like "No".
*Imitates Sounds And Gestures That You Make.
*Responds To Music With Body Motions.
*Begins To Use Objects Correctly
(Cup, Comb, Listens To Receiver If A Phone Is Placed In His Hand).
*Explores Objects In Different Ways (Shaking, Dropping, Throwing, And Banging).

Social Skills And Language
*Says "Dada" And "Mama".
*Babbles With Inflection In His Tone Of Voice.
*Recognizes Names Of Other Family Members.
*Raises Arms When He Wants To Be Picked Up.
*Shows Affection To Adults That He Is Familiar With.
*Shows Apprehension Around Strangers.
*Exhibits Separation Anxiety When Parent Leaves.

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