Age: About 12 Months

Motor Skills
*Gets into a sitting position without assistance.
*Sits well without support.
*Pulls self up to stand and walks holding onto furniture.
*Crawls forward on belly.
*Drinks from a cup with help.
*Feeds self finger foods like crackers or cereal.
*Places objects into and takes them out of a container.
*Uses pincer grasp (thumb and index or forefinger).

Cognitive Skills
*Searches for an object that he sees fall out of sight.
*Responds to simple verbal requests like "no."
*Imitates sounds and gestures that you make.
*Responds to music with body motions.
*Begins to use objects correctly (cup, comb, listens to receiver if a phone is placed in his hand).
*Explores objects in different ways (shaking, dropping, throwing, and banging).

Social Skills and Language
*Says "dada" and "mama".
*Babbles with inflection in his tone of voice.
*Recognizes names of other family members.
*Raises arms when he wants to be picked up.
*Shows affection to adults that he is familiar with.
*Shows apprehension around strangers.
*Exhibits separation anxiety when parent leaves.

Age: About 18 Months

Motor Skills
*Walks independently.
*Scribbles with crayons.
*Turns a page in a book.
*Is able to push, pull and dump things.
*Can carry a stuffed animal or doll.
*Builds a tower of 2 blocks.
*Can take off socks, mittens, and hats.

Cognitive Skills
*Follows simple instructions.
*Finds objects when hidden.
*Identifies a familiar object in a picture book.
*Solves problems by trial and error.
*Begins to sort by shapes and color (e.g. Puts a round lid on a round pot).

Social Skills and Language
*Has a vocabulary of about 8-10 words that can be understood.
*Uses phrases like "bye-bye","hi", and "please", when prompted.
*Repeats words overheard in conversation.
*Makes eye contact when someone is talking to him.
*Asks for mother or father specifically.
*Brings toys or books to share with parent or caretaker.
*Plays alone on the floor with toys.
*Competes with other children for toys.
*Exhibits separation anxiety when parent leaves.
*Points to items that he wants. .

Age: About 2 years

Motor Skills
*Feeds self with a spoon.
*Able to drink from a straw.
*Walks up stairs with help.
*Opens cabinets and drawers.
*Bends over to pick things up without falling.
*Builds a tower of 3-4 blocks.
*Can roll and kick a large ball.
*Begins to run.
*May show a preference for one hand over the other.
*Scribbles spontaneously.

Cognitive Skills
*Begins make believe play.
*Enjoys taking things apart.
*Wants to explore her surroundings.
*Can and will follow directions.
*Can point to 5-6 different body parts when asked.
*Enjoys looking at the same books over and over again.
*May express interest in potty training.

Social Skills and Language
*Has a vocabulary that includes several hundred words.
*Begins to use 2-3 word sentences.
*Learning to take turns with other children but generally plays along side, rather than with other children.
*Gets angry and may have temper tantrums.
*Possessive of his toys.
*Refers to self either by name or by using "me" or "mine".
*Acts shy around strangers.
*Likes to imitate parents or caregiver.

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