Age: About 3 years

Motor Skills
*Climbs well.
*Walks up and down stairs, alternating feet.
*Runs with ease.
*Pedals a tricycle.
*Kicks a ball.
*Feeds self.
*Opens doors.
*Washes and dries hands by self.
*Makes vertical, horizontal, and circular strokes with a pencil or crayon.
*Screws and unscrews lids, jars, nuts and bolts.
*Turns a page in a book one at a time.

Cognitive Skills
*Attention span increases to about 3 minutes.
*Can remember what happened yesterday.
*Understands "now", "soon", and "later."
*Knows some numbers, but not necessarily in correct order.
*Completes puzzles with three or four pieces.
*Sorts objects by shape and color.
*Matches an object to a picture of that object.
*Laughs at silly ideas.
*Understands the concept of "one" and "two".
*Matches circles and squares.
*Understands physical relationships (on, under, over, in, out).

Social Skills and Language
*Uses three-five word sentences.
*Asks questions.
*Plays spontaneously with other children in a small group.
*Recognizes and understands most common objects and pictures.
*Repeats simple rhymes.
*Asks to use the toilet most times.
*Enjoys being read to.
*Imitates housework or other chores.
*Assigns roles in pretend play (mommy, daddy).
*Uses pronouns (I, you, me, we, and they) and some plurals.
*Knows her first and last name.
*Knows whether he is a boy or girl.

Age: About 4 years

Motor Skills
*Hops and stands on one foot for a few seconds. .
*Catches a bounced ball much of the time.
*Tries to write name. .
*Draws a face..
*Tries to cut paper with blunt scissors.
*Attempts to button, buckle and snap but usually needs help.
*Dresses and undresses doll in clothing with large zippers, snaps, and laces. .
*Brushes teeth with help.
*Pours from a small pitcher.
*Can get himself started when on a swing and may be able to keep it moving.
*Tries to skip.
*Strings large objects.
*Begins to copy some letters.

Cognitive Skills
*Recognizes some colors.
*Wants to know what will happen next.
*Distinguishes between what is real and what is imaginary.
*Follow instructions with up to three commands (put the toys away, wash your hands, and get your coat).
*Identifies situations that could lead to happiness, sadness and anger. V *Colors with crayons or chalk.
*Counts up to five objects.
*Understands taking turns and may do so without being reminded.
*Understands "big," "little," "short," "tall".
*Can sort objects by shape or color.
*Social Skills and Language

Social Skills and Language
*Speaks clearly enough for strangers to understand.
*Has a large vocabulary and speaks in sentences of five or more words.
*Tells stories.
*Often prefers playing with other children.
*Wants explanations of "why" and "how".
*Changes the rules of play as he goes along.
*Likes to play "dress up."
*Separates from parent for short periods without crying.
*Beginning to master some basic rules of grammar (past tense, plurals).
*Shares when asked.
*Enjoys playing games like tag, hide and go seek, and duck duck goose.
*Likes to do things for himself.

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